What our patients say about OsteopathiCare

Denise Buckle

I had all but given up trying to find someone to help with the constant pain in my back and, to be honest, at my first appointment with Usha I wasn't feeling very positive. She told me that I would feel pain relief after around five sessions of manipulation but I felt so much better after the first and second! My partner was watching me walk the other day and he commented that it's the best he's seen since we first met. My treatments with Usha have just got better and better and words cannot express how happy I am not to have pain 24/7. If there was a medal dedicated to Osteopaths, I'd give one to Usha. She's my hero!

Rob Perry

My wife has been visiting Usha for some time in Ashford now with brilliant results and recommended that I pay her a visit as I could not lift my arm above my head. I was a little sceptical as to whether Usha could help me as I'd become kind of used to the condition but, even after the first session, I was able to lift my arm without pain or stiffness. She is the best Osteopath I have ever visited and long may she continue.


Going to sessions with Usha has made a massive difference in my life. I had suffered on and off with face and neck pains, combined with impaired swallowing, for 2 years (since 2012). I had tried many options that seemed to relieve the symptoms to a degree, but did not solve the problem. Somebody suggested trying an osteopath, but I wasn’t sure what an osteopath did or how they could help. Am I glad that I know now and have tried osteopathy! After a series of treatments over 4 months, I now feel almost like a new person again -- free from pain, fibrotic and tight muscles, stiffness and able to swallow properly without fear! Strangely, I never knew how unwell I was until I felt much better. I found Usha to always be friendly, understanding, positive and professional. She went the ‘extra mile’ each treatment and I am very grateful for all her help and input. Not only have I received a greater understanding of the body and how it works, but Usha has also equipped me with tools for life, through various recommended stretches that will help to maintain my wellbeing. Thank you so much!!

Thushan Balasingam

Financial Strategy Consultant

I have a typical office job in the finance industry where my posture (or lack of) has resulted in pain around my neck and lower back. I have been struggling with it for a few years and seeing Usha has dramatically improved the situation. She got rid of the tension in my shoulders and neck and worked away at areas of tightness. Not only can I say that it was worth it but I have also recommended friends who have also benefited from her treatment. Her professional and pleasant nature coupled with the exceptionally high quality of service means that I will turn to her for any future problems I have. 

Elizabeth Harvey

Financial Banking, St. Paul's

I was recommended to Usha in Ashford by a colleague and I'm I glad she did! I've been seeing Usha for my Sciatica, following my first session with Usha the pain was more manageable and I finally was able to sleep again for the first time in months and my sensation down the leg disappeared. With on going treatments my back is now totally fine. Usha is extremely good at what she does and I cannot recommend her highly enough! She's the best Osteopath I have been to by miles and I will continue to see her for any further musculoskeletal conditions and maintenance treatments. Thank you Usha.

Richard Greensted

Managing Consultant

Usha is brilliant! I had a longstanding back injury and Usha was recommended to me by my personal trainer. Through a short course of treatments, supplemented with stretching routines, the back pain was completely eradicated - and has stayed away ever since. Cannot recommend her highly enough!


Amazing service that I would 100% recommend! I am a student and after many years studying and working at a desk with incorrect posture my neck and shoulders were stiff and very sore. After a couple of sessions I am now able to move my neck and study for long periods without any pain. Usha also gave me lots of advice on posture and some exercises which really helped. Thank you so much!


Usha you are really great. I first went to Usha last year in St. Paul's for a neck issue and she put it right straightaway. I returned to see Usha with a back issue. Usha, is so welcoming and explains the whole procedure and the reasons for the problems. Apart from my back, she has been looking at other issues too and is really getting me sorted. Was in pain after Usha's first treatment for my back, but I expected that. Usha is really helpful and would recommend her to anyone.


Really great. Usha was just perfect. She really knows her stuff, makes you feel welcome and comfortable and always gives great service and advice. I always recommend OsteopathiCare in Ashford. By far the best I've ever been to.

John Pace

Personal Trainer at Park Club Ashford

After having suffered for years with a prolapsed disc and having gone to countless other practices for help I'd pretty much given up on getting my back fixed. I bumped into Usha in the Park Club gym in Ashford and after a short chat I decided to have a consultation. The improvement after 1 session was amazing and now about 4 sessions later the pain has completely gone. I can't thank Usha enough!



When I started my treatment with Usha in St. Paul's I had a serious problem with my knees. Due to an old injury that had never fully recovered properly, I had lost most of my knee flexibility and the attempt to fully flex them involved considerable pain. After a long course of treatments- due to the seriousness of the condition- I have now recovered full knee flexibility and can flex fully without pain. This is a remarkable result, and though I'd hoped for improvement I hardly expected such a good result when I started my treatment. So much credit due to a very good and conscientious practitioner.



Last year I injured my shoulder and also my hip flexor through over-training in the gym. I have used at least four or five osteopaths over the years and Usha is by far the very best. Like someone else commented here, she is not afraid to apply pressure where needed. She takes time to analyse the problem, is very knowledgeable and quickly works on a solution. At the same time, she offers tips and advice for continuing self improvement by providing exercises and techniques that you can do yourself. My hip flexor injury is gone now and her treatments on my shoulder have allowed me to continue with gym work whilst recovering. I will definitely be booking in for more sessions. For friendly and effective osteopathic care I would highly recommend her.

Catherine Jenkins

Business Consultant

Dear Usha, I came in to see you last month in Ashford and just wanted to say that your treatment did wonders! I cannot thank you enough for sorting out my long term neck and back pain- I can actually walk now without limping so thank you! My husband commented that it's the best he's seen me walk in a long time. My treatments with Usha have made a huge difference and I am so pleased not to be in pain all day long. I would recommend Usha to anyone! Usha is professional and exudes warmth, compassion and integrity and you leave reassured that your pains will quickly fade so that you can lead a pain free life.

George Lambert

Personal Trainer at the GYM Ashford

As a PT I am often lifting weights on a regular basis. I have suffered with back pain especially around my neck area and my trapezius muscles. I had a course of treatments with Usha which I found to be very beneficial. Usha was very thorough in my consultation and knew exactly what I wanted to get from the treatments. She knew exactly which areas on my body to manipulate and also gave me a lot of advice on what to do in my own time to help my problems. I would happily recommend her to anybody including my own clients, and you can be safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with a true professional.


Usha is just fantastic. She knows exactly where to apply pressure and how much and I invariably feel like I have been given a new body about two days after seeing her. I went to see her the day before participating in the London Triathlon last year fully expecting to be advised not to take part. I felt pretty good the next day and did quite well. She is nothing short of a wizard!

Anne Tolefe

Dental Practice

Usha is very good at her job. I have received a lot of invaluable advice and information regarding correct posture. I have recommended her to a few family members as a result of her good work and they have all been pleased.


Usha fixed my back problem with a combination of massage and manipulation and she provided exercises to prevent recurrence. And in passing she greatly helped a knee injury with advice about exercises. Really impressed and will use again.


Spending a lot of time at the computer does cause a lot of tension in my neck/shoulders/back. I've seen many Osteopaths over the years in Australia and the UK. I can definitely say that Usha is one of the best Osteopaths I've seen. She is not afraid to apply pressure when required. After a treatment session, I feel fantastic, with a full range of movement.

Nazia Ahmed


I cannot recommend Usha highly enough! As an optometrist, years of bending and poor posture have left my back and neck feeling very sore and strained. After just one treatment session with Usha I can already feel a world of difference and am looking forward to my follow up! Her techniques and knowledge are second to none. She makes you feel very comfortable and will give you advice and stretches to use in your own time in order to prevent future problems. My experience with OsteopathiCare has been superb!

Christopher Cordrey-moore

I've been seeing Usha for almost 2 years now. When I first say her I couldn't do any ab or back exercises due to back pain, but almost immediately after treatment I was training properly. I still see her for maintenance and would recommend her to anyone suffering from muscular aches and pains.


I have been visiting Usha for several months now and she has really helped get my back into shape. She is very professional and friendly and would highly recommend.

Madan Sherchan

12 years ago, I injured my back in a motorcycle accident. The pain was on and off all the time. Took lots of treatments and they were only temporary relief. Recently it got so worst that I had to literally lie down to wear my underpants and trousers. It would hurt even to cough and sneeze. Then I visited OsteopathiCare at my local gym in Ashford- with much skepticism, I must admit . To my surprise the symptoms began to disappear after my second visit. Usha, carefully listened to my case history and my problems and then diagnosed the problem. She also showed me few stretches and exercises and I feel a lot better now. The best thing is that I can cough and sneeze and wear my underpants without lying on the floor. Thanks once again to OsteopathiCare... M. Sherchan Ashford Kent

Allison Robertson

I have been going to Usha for over 1 year now for various complaints & I would definitely recommend her. I can't say that the treatment is pleasurable, but it works. Usha is very friendly & very professional so I wouldn't go anywhere else.


I have had regular appointments with Usha and she always worked on the areas that needed focus with strength (belying her stature) and skill. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Julie Gregory

Having had a frozen shoulder for months and being in severe pain, I now have full use and movement of my arm and pain free. Following my first session with Usha the pain was more manageable and I was able to sleep again for the first time in weeks. Usha is very professional and welcoming, always put me at ease. I highly recommend her to everybody.


Without Usha's help, I couldn't have gone from lying in A&E and on morphine to driving to Northern Ireland to live within four weeks! She was professional, so so caring and nice and as a health professional myself I really felt like I was in good hands. Thank you Usha!

Hayley Jeffs

Personal Trainer at the Park Club Gym Ashford

Usha has completely removed my back pain and has got me back to training again! I fully recommend her 🙂