shoulder therapy exercises

Going to sessions with Usha has made a massive difference in my life. I had suffered on and off with face and neck pains, combined with impaired swallowing, for 2 years (since 2012). I had tried many options that seemed to relieve the symptoms to a degree, but did not solve the problem. Somebody suggested trying an osteopath, but I wasn’t sure what an osteopath did or how they could help. Am I glad that I know now and have tried osteopathy! After a series of treatments over 4 months, I now feel almost like a new person again — free from pain, fibrotic and tight muscles, stiffness and able to swallow properly without fear! Strangely, I never knew how unwell I was until I felt much better. I found Usha to always be friendly, understanding, positive and professional. She went the ‘extra mile’ each treatment and I am very grateful for all her help and input. Not only have I received a greater understanding of the body and how it works, but Usha has also equipped me with tools for life, through various recommended stretches that will help to maintain my wellbeing. Thank you so much!!