Madan Sherchan

12 years ago, I injured my back in a motorcycle accident. The pain was on and off all the time. Took lots of treatments and they were only temporary relief. Recently it got so worst that I had to literally lie down to wear my underpants and trousers. It would hurt even to cough and sneeze. Then I visited OsteopathiCare at my local gym in Ashford- with much skepticism, I must admit . To my surprise the symptoms began to disappear after my second visit. Usha, carefully listened to my case history and my problems and then diagnosed the problem. She also showed me few stretches and exercises and I feel a lot better now. The best thing is that I can cough and sneeze and wear my underpants without lying on the floor. Thanks once again to OsteopathiCare… M. Sherchan Ashford Kent